[Bloodmoon Samurais] Are looking for players for our Competitive team.

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Hello summoners. The **BMS** team, is looking for players for our competitive team and is currently looking for mechanical good Top, Jungle and Mid players in the plat/dia elo. **Deadline** for applications is d. 20th of October 2019 - Our team staff will then contact appropriate players for **trials** We are looking to put together **A new team**, intentionally to play Clash and Competitive tournaments. Flex will also be played, used for practice and to build a strong fundament for a great Team! (future scrims will be setup aswell) **Description of the type of player wanted:** You are.. - A Team Player - A non-toxic player, that knows how to behave in social interactions and who are familiar with own strenghts and weaknesses. - A person who can keep calm at stressful situations and react quick to calls - A competitive minded player, who also understands the value of having fun, having a laugh and not always take every situation too serious. **Requirements:** - You are 21 years of age, or older - You have been playing League of Legends for 2+ years - You are Platinum 4 or higher in solo/duo queue **OR** have considerable Flex experience and are atleast Gold2 in Solo/duo queue. - You live in a self-controlled environment (e.g. Not depending on parents and dinner being served in the middle of a game) - You main a single role and are exceptionally good at atleast 3 champions - You own a headset with a microphone and know how to speak English. - You've got the time to schedule practice dates and take part in tournaments with the team, typically placed in the weekends. **Playtime Schedual** - Will be scheduled when a team has been set. **Extra's** **State in your application if you are interested in being enrolled as Back-up, do you not make the A team.** - Extra's takes part in the **BMS community** as part of the team, interacts, hang out and play casually with the rest of the team. - Extra's does not take part in **Game Nights**, unless members of the A team are not able to show up. - Multiple Extra's can **Stand By** and a queue + point system is going to be created. **Discord** Team and community discord is set up and ready for use **Contact info** **Email** Contact.bloodmoonsamurais@gmail.com **ANY applicant looking to take a spot on the Competitive team or becoming an Extra, has to applicate via Email, elaborating the above given information, requirements, and introduction of them selves, to get considered!** - The team is not only looking for good players, but also team spirited personalities. **Good Luck**

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