D1 SUP looking for non boosted ADC/Jungler main.

High Focus - Summoner Stats - League of Legends
High Focus / Diamond 1 0LP / 193W 178L Win Ratio 52% / Nami - 58W 49L Win Ratio 54%, Janna - 48W 39L Win Ratio 55%, Nautilus - 31W 15L Win Ratio 67%, Lux - 18W 22L Win Ratio 45%, Karma - 17W 22L Win Ratio 44%
Recent history kinda sucks tbh, very tilted from bad ads hence why im now looking for a duo AD/Jungler D1 at first quarter of season, had to quit cos of uni, came back 4th quarter, back to D1 aiming to go above master tier. Looking for aggressive ADC I am not a big fan of duos but I am looking for a very skilled adc or jungler. If u are smurfing thats big
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