In Effect looking for DIA V+ JUNGLER

Hey guys, We are a team consisting of players in low diamond with peaks of high diamond before and recently rebuilt the team around our core roster of 3 players knowing each other for a few years now. Altough our goal is not to be pro players, we want to go as high as we can in the amateur scene, growing and improving as a team with the aim of winning tournaments like Go4LoL in the end. We usually play around 3-4 times a week, practicing in scrims and FlexQ during the week and then playing tournaments or Clash, when it will be released, on the weekend. Right now we are looking for a JUNGLER matching our goals with being at least DIAMOND V in SoloQ and preferably, but not necessarily DIAMOND III+ in FlexQ, eager to play on a regular basis and being able to commit for a team for the longer-term. We expect a decent level of mechanics, having a good amount of communciation able to shotcall in the early game , knowing how to play macro oriented and how to work as a team. Though, most importantly, you should have an ambitious and mature mindset willing to improve, knowing how to take losses and being able to take criticism in a constructive way. We as a team offer a friendly and competitive environment with players, who are very experienced in working on a team, aiming to build up a team that stays. For organizing or theorycrafting team-related aspects, we have a Discord server aswell as a Google sheet, where everybody works collaboratively. If you are interested by now feel free to message me on League. My summoner name is "XDemi"

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