Clash Team Looking For Jungler

Hello, so myself and some friends have set up a clash team and we are looking for a Jungler, we are friendly people and would use discord to communicate :) Here are some details about the current team members _Top Lane _ In the top lane, we have Zaki (Run From Skaarl) who is currently plat 4, he mains Kled and Urgot _Mid Lane_ In the mid lane, we have Cley (I need a gf) who is currently plat 4, he mains Fizz, Kattarina, Yasuo and Qiyana _AD Carry_ As ADC we have Lorik (FacceLOL) who is currently Diamond 4 he mains Lucian, Caitlyn, Tristana, and Jinx. _Support_ As support we have myself, my name is Becky and my summoner name is Goddess Kaiśa, I main both support and ADC, seeing as I'm playing support I'll just say which support I main which are Soraka, Janna and Morgana **Requirements** We don't really have much I guess when it comes to ranks the lowest recommended rank would be G1 and the highest the same as our ADC Diamond 4 seeing as the majority of our team are plat players If you have a mic that would be awesome because it would help us communicate with you ^-^ **Side notes:** We might play flex together as well if you are interested in doing so! Who knows the five of us might make a awesome team :3 I hope you're having a wonderful day, feel free to add me or leave a reply below if you are interested. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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