Dia+ team LF Toplaner

Hello, I am the Team Captain of DEF(initely not inting). We are a Diamond+ team looking to form a strong bond with reliable players who want to improve both their individual and team play. The Team will operate very organized. We will have practice days aswell as the JET League scrims. Furthermore, Duo practice is greatly encouraged. Please make sure you fullfill the requirements: - 18+ - Diamond+ Solo on EUW - Actively playing the game (not only playing when there's team practice) - Reliability . Missing a practice/scrim without noticing the team at least a day prior will result in a strike. Two strikes will result in a kick from the team. - Time for at least two practice/scrim sessions per week - Willingness to improve and take constructive criticism -Working microphone If you think you are a good fit, please contact me via PM on Discord. Chigasaki#2745 Looking for TOP

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