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Hi, I'm Daniel Pereira, I'm looking to coach for a team or players who want to get better at macro game,things like,minion wave management,lane priority,rotations and other stuff like CSing,itemizations,feeling pressure in-game. Besides playing from season 1 and have played over 8 ranked seasons and watched almost all EULCS(LEC) & LCK since season 4 I have coached small silver and gold teams to take part in tournaments and small local events also helped few players to reach plat and low diamond. I also have taught a few things outside the game, like English and some job basics to peers(and they say I do a pretty good job of explaining things). I can help with very unnoticed things like wave management and csing, if you feel like you're in autopilot in games and you feel like you're playing badly, I can also help with how to control yourself and tilt management. The main reason I wanna coach is to gain experience as both a teacher and coach so I can go further and one day have a my team or coach for a well-known professional team. So don't be shy and introduce yourself, let us get better together. If you can't stream we can stick to analyzing replays and openly discussing them. Thanks, Daniel Pereira You can join my discord and fill the google form for coaching sessions. https://discord.gg/J72fPxj https://forms.gle/qCHy26W2edTsPPAA9
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