Clash, ideas to make it work

So i wanted to give mine (1 for now) and hear the community ideas for Clash to work once in for all. I think something significant is, as Riot has said, the amount of games that start at the same time is too big, which is the major problem. So heres a example (thats hopefully appliable) for a sulution: divide clash into lets say 5 stages, like the brackets we currently have. The first two stages the games should be a all day thing, and each team can play up to 5 games on that day, in a matchmaking way. So: if my team havent played any matches yet we go against people who also havent (without forgetting the team tier rating If we lost the first one we go against people who also lost the first one, and so on. The first stages would work with points so you would need X amount of points to move on to the next stage, so even if you lost 3,4 or 5 youd still have a chance. Ex: each turret 10 points, each drag 10 points, each team member with 15+ farm per 1,5 minute at the end of the game 10 points, baron 30 points and so on. So it would already remove weight and halve the players on day one, remembering that stage 1 and 2 would be matchmaking based. Stage 3 4 and 5 then would be brackets, but with way less games starting at the same time, it should be a fix on the problems. The point system (either wouldnt exist or) wouldnt exist on bracket stages. Then these stages could work like : 3: Group phase, 4 and 5: whatever they do on worlds, championships Thats my first idea for now. I hope you guys have good ones too, lets make clash great again {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}

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