silver 3 all-lanes player searching for duo partner or team

Looking for duoQ partner (possibly mid or bot) I speak italian and english fluently I am silver 3 , average mechanics, unless i can count on someone i play really safe. I don't really blame much and flaming is like a taboo to me i can play all lanes and all classes, my champion pool is pretty large overall but the champs i feel safe playing, and i think could reach gold if i mained are: top teemo (65k m6) rumble (47k m6) kled (26k) gp pantheon urgot poppy akali jungle (fav position currently) lee sin (25k) sejuani olaf, trundle hecarim kha zix poppy mid veigar (50k m6) urgot azir (20k) cassiopeia zoe galio ryze heimerdinger akali corki (21k) bot varus tristana twitch ezreal supp (best role probably) rakan (100k m7) maokai (31k) thresh (27k) janna shen alistar fiddlesticks morgana blitzcrank galio i'm not really good stratwise and as i said i have average mechanics on most champions BUT when i have allies i can rely on i'll either make them carry or (a bit rarer) carry myself oh btw i love warding strats also i'm lonely
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