WeSports is looking for coach and analyst.

https://imgur.com/a/4baDscX > Welcome summoner, > we from WeSports are looking for a coach and analyst for our LoL-Main Team. The organization was founded in 2016 and has set itself the goal of participating in the world's largest eSports events. We are well structured and are rebuilding our teams after a restructuring. We are constantly evolving to improve the satisfaction of our players and our community. Our innovations and investments are our top priority. We convince with our expertise and our determined approach. We serve as contact persons and show the different facets of eSports in detail. For us, the growth of eSports in Germany is a strong focus, we do everything in our power to meet these requirements as best we can. Furthermore, a boot camp is available in Aschaffenburg. This can be rented by any external company, association, team and much more. The Bootcamp gives the people who rent it the opportunity to better understand themselves as a team and to deepen and improve their work. Currently we are looking for a coach and analyst. Of course we also have a few requirements you should meet. **Requirements:** * Enormous knowledge about the game * be able to take responsibility * High expenditure of time * You must be able to speak English. * Have experience as a coach / analyst * Analyze and evaluate the impact of patches * be able to develop a game concept/plan * Strategic skill * Being able to explain comprehensibly * Good analytical skills * Good time management **About the team:** _Currently consists of 3 people (tryouts run) Elorange: Dia 4 to Dia 1 Targets: Regular participation in tournaments / Premier Tour Regular Trainings / Scrims_ **What we offer:** * Companies behind the organization * Structured working environment * Possibility for own Bootcamps * Opportunities for self-development * Competent support from the organization * Fixed objectives * A constantly evolving team Contact us if you are interested: IGN: _SPG Paharna_ Discord: _Paharna#0622_ Your WeSports Team wishes you a lot of fun and success in the rift.

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