Wood League support looking for a club or just someone to help/play with me.

Hi Guys, I just got back into LOL. I blame Worlds. But after coming back, I really have had a rough experience. I understand that Bronze 5 to 1 are filled with some really bad players but holy hell is it bed. Teams that have an amazing lead end up losing because "We gotta split push" etc. I now get why people say in Bronze you just need to carry. Is there a club of Bronze people that just want to play a few ranked games a day and learn together? ------------- I am based in South Africa, so my ping is about 220, that is why I stick with Support as skill shots are sometimes hard to land. I can play at 20:00 to 23:00, sometimes earlier, sometimes later. ----------- Regards, (Apologise if this is not where I am meant to post this.)
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