High-Elo competition is now open for applications! Teams, sign up now!

Hi there, would be interested in playing in a competitive league against other teams from a high plat+ level? Who are we? The minds behind SquareOne have around a combined 5 years of experience playing in and running amateur leagues within EUW but felt like there was nothing in the current space of high plat/diamond/master leagues for players that wanted a serious competitive environment, we decided to break out to create a league that represents our vision of how to maintain a solid product. This led us to establish SquareOne, and in consequence the SQ1:Champions League. What do we offer? Simply put; we want to offer a professional, competitive league for players and teams aiming to take part in the EU National Leagues and beyond. Most of today's amateur leagues are centered around the Gold and Platinum brackets - either by rank restrictions or by consequence of player concentration. Most players with ambition and dedication go past that bracket and into Diamond and might want to give a go at the pro player dream. We want to be there to give them the experience needed playing in a team to do that. At the same time, we hold all participants to a higher standard than most amateur leagues, aiming to mirror the standard a professional player would be held to by Riot. Alongside giving players valuable experience playing, we want to help them adjust to a more mature approach to the game - responsibility, proper behaviour and fair play. Our league will run in two splits (Spring + Summer), with Spring Split starting in late January - prior to that, there will be a small qualifier tournament to establish which 12 teams earn a place in our league. Both splits will have both playoffs and relegations. We will have two game days per week, with two casted games per day. We aim to provide continuous content (hype videos, power rankings, interviews++) as well. Long term, we want to look into adding prizing, as well as getting in touch with established National League teams and/or LCS teams to set up more hands-on ways of developing players and bridging the gap between SoloQ and team play. TL;DR - We want to deliver the best amateur league service yet, aimed at developing players for tomorrows semi-pro and pro scene. Our Discord Link: https://discord.gg/96RT9yq

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