Looking for long term league friends (from the elo hell till gold I welcomed)

I'm considering to be more in the league like a 5-6 hours or more a day or so. I havent got much people to talk either they quit playing or moved on, thats why I'm looking new friends to play with. I generally play for fun myself but if I can find a decent duo (sup/adc doesnt matter or adc/jung/sup) or a nice flex team (min with 3 guys) I'll be willing to climb ranked really fast. As it comes for Discord I rather dont use much but since everybody does have it I installed it but I'm generally a shy person to talk with in the beginning. I'll get used to you after a few games about voice chat soo dont worry :3 After games while doing other stuff or while working in a job I would still like to chat socially and have fun :3 I generally dont have a toxic language when I speak English and I'm calm as a cucumber :3 In Game : Kiablo ps. I have switched servers 1 year ago and didnt much climb rankeds soo It can be unaccurate.. Hope to talk with you guys :3 + (I love anime tattoos and cats you can add me for those aswell :3 ) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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