Sup looking for adc main to go ranked

Howdy. I am relatively new to the game, but I have made 2 accounts (to explore more champs). I have found sup is where I'm most effective. Have had great success with switched on adc's. Looking to go into ranked play but would like to pair with an adc to do so, as having a poor adc just screws my game up :). I have made a point of playing as many champs and positions as I can to understand the macro of the game a bit better. So ideally need an adc, we can play a few norms and see how well we read each other etc. My main champs are Nautilus, fiddle. Nautilus for agressive playstyle, fiddle to make room for my adc to farm effectively. I can also play pyke (still nowhere NEAR where I'd like to be with him), then also morgana(though I generally choose to ban her). If your keen drop a message here. I've been playing around the high bronze-silver sorta mmr judging by looking at profiles. So that is ideally the sort of mmr I'd look to pair with, lemme know here if your keen.
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