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Greetings, fellow Summoners! My name is Bishi and I am the owner of **EZ Coaching**. I am a coach myself and I wasted hours finding a decent place where I am able to offer my coaching. The truth is that there are very few websites and Discord servers out there that are not taking a huge cut of the coaches earnings. Most of them also don't check their coaches, everybody with or without experience is able to coach which can lead to students wasting their money on bad coaching sessions and wrong advice. **We want to change it!** * The coaches are getting paid 100% of their earnings, the server **does not** take a cut. * Every paid coach has to go through an application process, to make sure he's worth your money. * Inexperienced coaches and coaches below diamond can only coach for free. It's as **EZ** as it gets, join the server, look for a coach or be one yourself! {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}

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