Plat 4 Streamer looking for a good and fun supp main 18+

onidemoni - Twitch
Kai'sa OTP and maybe some oldschool fable later Eng/Ger
Hey guys :) i am a Kai'sa OTP since she came out and i am looking for a mate that is around plat 4 aswell to support me. It doesnt matter if u are female or male :) just be nice and fun to hang out with because thats whats important to me in my stream :P And obviously u shouldnt have problems with me streaming :'D It would be great if u are over 18 years old and really main support and i actually check ur op.ggs so yea :D pls lets not waste our time. As for me i am 23 years old just a small streamer with around 200 follower just doing it for fun and streaming nearly everyday besides Thursday and Tuesday at 8 pm German timezone. U can just add me: thronseen or GrundigRasierer or just join the stream discord thats fine too :)

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