LF Support for Amateur League Equinox

Hello I am the owner of APOTA, We are a team of 4 players that have been playing together a good amount of time. We have a open position for Support. We ask a few things of prospective applicants: ~Have a good quality, working mic (Communication is everything in a team environment) ~Main the position (if we looked at your profile, it be evident from your most played champs) ~Have extensive knowledge of your lane and matchups ~Be above Gold 4 this season and last season. ~We would prefer a player with experience in a team environment, but this is not essential. ~Be competent at a multitude of champs and styles (No OTP's please) ~Be available to play evenings and weekends. We mostly play together 3 days mid week & we do a full day practice on the weekends. ~Be fluent in English. All of us are from the UK. As a team, we can provide a statistician, and a coach to help us all improve. We also play a range of team comps and have a vocal draft phase. Add me on League (Bugley) or hmu my discord dms (Tent#4102) if you want more details or are interested We look forward to hearing from you. {{champion:104}}

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