LF company & friends I think?

Hello ! I'm Noizai, a spanish person who has been playing LoL like... 2 months ( _yeah I'm a newbie_ ). I began to play to try how it is and I always thought it was a game I wouldn't like but, I liked it ! I've playing with friends and of course I want to say I'm still noob in the game ( _I've been playing a lot of IA 5vs5 and ARAMs_ ). Okay, back to the main point. My friends almost never play PVP ( _5vs5_ ) and I want to learn to go there. My problem is I'm... afraid ??? Because I'm still new, and I don't want to feel uncomfortable going with randoms ( _yeah I know I can report toxic people and mute them, I saw them in ARAM_ ). What I want is a friendly team where I can learn some tactics in 5vs5 and be friends with... to have fun, y'know. Tips, new friends to meet, you all are welcome :) _I hope I wrote this in the right board, if I didn't I'm really sorry_ {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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