Devils Cartel

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**Greetings Summoners, ** Devil's Cartel is looking for more members to join our small community. Devil's Cartel has been running for about 5 years, with our first game being DayZ (mod) We have since then branched into many games with world of warcraft being the most popular. ✌ **Little more about us :)** We are looking for people who want to join a team and potentially progress, we are not gonna sit here and say we are the best, we are not gonna sit here and say that we will win every game, but we are going to be giving it our best. We already have a few members that have joined us with a interest in the team. we are currently looking into starting out team training days starting on the 19th August and continuing from there. We are not looking for people who want to just come along, play a few games and then call it quits. We are looking for dedicated people who have the drive to actually put the effort in and try and get somewhere. This is going to be about seeing how well we work together rather than people's individual skills. We are looking to enroll into a few, either, weekly / monthly tournaments. _Start small and work our way up together as one_ Now we understand that there will be a few people interested, so the team will comprise of a combination of availability, commitment and the passion that players possess to progress Thank you for taking the time to ready through this, we understand that this has been a bit of a long read, but we appreciate your time. See you soon {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Devil's Cartel Discord: Ingame: Mónkeynúts
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