Amateur Team, Looking for TOP and MID

Hey! We are a close team of players that have been playing together for a couple of months. With Clash tournaments becoming more frequent, we wanted to start a team and try hard for a somewhat "competitive" experience. We ask a few things of prospective applicants: * Have a **good quality**, working mic (Communication is everything in a team environment) * Main the position (if we looked at your profile, it be evident from your most played champs) * Have **extensive knowledge** of your lane and matchups * Be between **Gold 4 and Plat 1** (last season is fine). (We were all around G2-P3). * We would prefer a player with experience in a team environment, but this is not essential. * Be competent at a multitude of champs and styles (**No OTP's please**) * Be available to play evenings and weekends. We mostly play together 3 nights mid week, but it is up for discussion. * Be fluent in **English**. I'm from the UK, and our Europeans speak it very well. * As a team, we can provide a statistician, and coaches to help you improve. We also play a range of team comps and have a vocal draft phase. We look forward to hearing from you. Add Feìnt in game.

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