Nordic organization (teams) also other may join

Hey LoL Players I have been playing this game for 2-3 years and i am an average player around high Silver-Gold. I am from Norway. I want to make a collaboration of various players initially/mainly in the Nordic to make different teams under a umbrella coorporation with teams of different levels. (Players from other regoins are also welcome ofcourse) EUNE/EUW servers. Teams that come together and exercise regularly. I want to get in touch with players who want to either take the player, coach or other roles to make this dream come true. Players of all different levels who want to be a part of this are welcome to make contact. From Iron upwards + In the long run, it will be an organization that "houses" anyone who wants to play this game from just a thrill of or who really wants to compete. I also want contact with players who can make good web sites, keep them updated or run various twitch channels. I will stand for the investment/cost in the various media channels/homesite to get it up and running in the start. I will use different media platforms to other markeeting startegies to get it out. Send me an email on, and write briefly what you want to contribute with: Whether it is a coach, player or a support (technical), and write some words about how you can contribute. I will see the response and based on the response i will first get a homesite for this coorporatiion up and going. The players who join early will have an impact on the organisation name, and the strategy it will have. So i want serious answers and e-mails. I am keeping this post very short, if you have any questions or want me to eloborate how or what i am thinking, feel free to send them on e-mail. I will respond quickly. Again, initially i will stand for the funding of every aspect of this organisation, i need som visionary people/players who wants to join and together make this dream come true. Thanks.
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