D1 Supp LF Duo on Plat 3 Elo Hell Acc. LF Adc/Jngle

Hey, D1 Supp here. Got an account in Elo Hell ( Plat 3) and I'm lf a Duo there, Prefer ADC or jngle. No Idea what it caused but this acc's win rate is ruined leading to unwinnable Games. Every Game is 4 people hard inting my Games. Well, Supp can't 1v9 in this elo but maybe duo bot or jngle can 2v8. Can carry games in Masters but not 4 Terrible Players. So I'm looking for a Duo mate. Ts3 Voice Comms preferred. 18+ And leggo. IGN: Clutch Minister (ignore the Winrate.. this account is doomed). Playing a lot , so if you're very active we should match perfect! Greetings!
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