[EUW] The Phoenix League Season 4 Signups Are Now Open!!!

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Red Gaming was founded in August of 2016. An ambitious project to bring a social and competitive environment into one server. With ups and downs throughout the years, Red Gaming is still going strong. And we are aiming for the stars. Join us in our journey and take part in one of the most ambitious and dedicated community projects.
**Thank you very much for showing interest in our league. Please read through the information below carefully, so you are fully prepared for the journey ahead. ** This is our very own hand crafted tournament for teams interested in the ultimate challenge on the rift. Teams will compete over a month playing against each other in BO3 matches in a league division system. The top 8 will move to playoffs where teams will play a BO3 quarterfinal a BO3 semi-final and a BO5 Final. We have 3 different leagues that teams are placed into once they have registered using our signup sheet below. You can only sign up as a full team. **Phoenix League Elite: Diamond 4 to Diamond 1. Phoenix League Academy: Platinum 4 to Platinum 1. Phoenix League Rising: Gold 4 to Gold 1.** A week before the season begins, teams will be placed in one of the above leagues based on their main rosters average Elo. Teams can have 1 player of a higher tier in their roster. The restriction for this is as follows. **Elite can have 1 Master 50 LP player as their highest per team. Academy can have 1 D4 player as their highest per team. Rising can have 1 P4 player as their highest per team.** Once the season begins, players will climb the ladder automatically and we do not prevent them from doing that. So during the season you will most likely see several Diamond players in Academy for example. We are very flexible with scheduling in the tournament. Games can be played any day of the week from 18:00 CET to 22:00 CET. Note that we always use CET/CEST as our time zone when we discuss scheduling. There are also options to reschedule once for each team per game. This requires that both teams agree to reschedule. **PRIZE POOL:** **Elite: 50 Euro for the winning team** **Academy: 50 Euro for the winning team** **Rising: TBD.** **Information for team captains and/or managers.** Our communication will always go through the owners of the team and not the players, this is to avoid confusion for both sides. It's very important that you are aware of the Phoenix League rules, which you can find on our server under the Phoenix League category and in the channels #pl_information and #pl_rules You also have to be aware that it's your responsibility to get all of your players on our Discord server, so we can grant them their team role. We use this to help prevent smurfing or account sharing during the league. If you have any questions regarding the sign up or generally about the Phoenix League, feel free to contact the owners or any Phoenix League staff and we will assist you with anything you need. Please contact us on Discord. **The signups will close on the 1st of Februrary The tournament will begin on the 10th of Februrary.** **Server link:** https://discord.gg/JkgA4g4 **Signup Sheet Link:** https://forms.gle/k3TtzFLXnBHoxTDc8 We are looking forward to seeing you compete in the tournament. Good luck on the rift. {{sticker:poppy-wink}}

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