Phoenix Gaming - LFG (All Elo) (Teams) (Also a Community)

#Phoenix eSports **A Fun and big community since 2014, we love gaming and try to help you all finding a team within Crystal eSports with great love and passion! We have 2 owners, 1 from Belgium 1 from the UK** What do we offer? Do u wanna play in a team? If you apply we will do our best to find you a team within 48 hours! #What do we offer? * Teams * Coaching * A Community * Tournaments * Lans in Germany - Sweden - UK * DUOQ Partners * Contracts (when talented and motivated) * A big group of nice players Join our discord for more information! Please join our discord after you applied! **Discord Link** Ask our staff for more information and **READ** our information page on DISCORD so you know what to do! #Teams You can scrim against our teams, ur able to join our community with your team! Or join solo to find a team. If you just wanna chill your welcome aswell! #Media We also offer fun things for streamers or media creators. Ask our Discord admins about this for more information. #Tournaments We also offer alot of tournaments #Thank you! If you are interested just join our discord and apply! We will see you soon, With kind regards, Phoenix eSports #Every one from EVERY elo is welcome
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