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Hey there! We are inviting you to join our Discord. On it, you can chat with people, find someone to play with or discuss the history of pizza. Everyone is welcome, we only ask you to follow the [Universal Boards Rules]( and [Riot's Terms of Use]( --- Volunteers will be keeping an eye out in these channels, so if you have any questions to ask us, shoot ahead. Volunteers will take moderation actions when necessary as well. There are also some Rioters there, however, we ask you to be considerate and not annoy them, as they are on this Discord on their own volition. Although we are there to answer your questions and help you if you are in need, we can not discuss information related to your account. For that, please [submit a ticket to the Riot Support]( instead. --- >##How do I get onto the Discord? []( 1. Click the invite link at the bottom of this page and create a discord account or sign in. 2. Log into your League of Legends account in the client. 3. [Go to your client settings at the top right corner of the League Client -> Verification]( 4. Your verification code is your Discord account ID, please [**click me**]( for instructions on how to get your Discord account ID. 5. Once you have gotten your Discord account ID, paste it to the verification input field in your League Client settings, then click Save and Done. After this, you need to relog into your account for it to work. 6. Now verify your account in the #summoner_verification channel on our Discord. Use the following command syntax: * !verify *(region)* *(summonername)* * Command examples: * !verify euw GLurch * !verify eune GLurch Since the voice channels are free for everyone though, you can invite your teammates to join you in a voice channel even if they haven't verified themselves yet. See you there! Discord invite link:
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