LF Duo / Any Role / Gold-Platinum (ME JUNGLE)

Hello! As the title says, I am looking to play with someone. I have had quite decent first 4 days, until today, when for some reason, Rito started to hate my account and drop the raging feeders to my teams. So, I lost my plat promos, now sitting mid gold 1, around 40LP. I am looking to someone to play with, so I eliminate the chance of getting 4 people who rage, flame and give up to 3. I do not mind really what role you are, I prefer to play with supports or midlaners, but it can be top or AD Carry as well. I prefer that you were last season at least G2 or G3 (not in preseason) I do not mind what is your current rank right now. I was P4 100LP last day of the ranked season, then I did climb to Platinum 2 in preseason. I play only jungle. Unfortunately I can not use voicechat for couple days, because I am not at my own place, later discord is a possibility. Add me in game if you are interested, my name is Gankson . http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Gankson
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