Son's of Sins is looking for a main Mid laner and a main AD-Carry for the main roster

Hello, We are a new founding League of Legends team and we are looking for a main Mid laner and a Main AD-Carry for the main roster. We take this team very seriously. We are looking for players who are serious about playing in a team and want to learn and improve to play in a team environment. We have some requirements for joining the team: - Age restriction 18+ - Minimal Gold rank in soloQ - Allrounder as Mid laner - Plays different kinds of Marksman as AD-Carry - The practise schedule of the team is in de evening hours, so you have to be free at that time. (We start around 7 or 8 pm on practise days). These are the goals of Son's of Sins in season 9: - Get atleast rank Platinum 4 in flexQ - Participate in tournaments - Have some Lan events with the team if possible You can ask for a try-out by adding one of the leaders of Son's of Sins. These are their discord/league IGN: - Discord: SFS Helios#1583 - League: SFS Helios - Discord: SFS SilverStaR#7323 - League: SFS SilverStaR See you soon! {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
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