(plat s8) ADC LF Support (read the post please)

Hi there, Please read this entire post. That would help me alot. Im looking for someone who mains support and has main support champs. Also be in s8 plat or this season. Doesn't matter to me which one. I am someone who is carefull what I say, I believe im not toxic towards my team. (I mostly /mute all on start of game even i normals). I very much dislike childish people who troll around in ranked games. And spend 1/4-2/4 of their time chatting during the game. If your one of those people who are toxic and have arguments with people ingame. Then please avoid adding me. About me: Started since season 5, played for 2-3 months peaked silver 1. Came back in season 7 in mid/late August peaked gold 1 (got plat 3/4 during pre-season 8). Got plat during season 8 not sure when exactly. Peaked plat 3 or 4 during season 8. I mostly fooled around alot with different roles around this season because of the adc nerfs I really disliked. I main adc. It's my most played role. I have being playing ADC on/off throughout the whole season. I find it sometimes frustration to play ADC. in soloq when you play you cant influence the early/mid game that much. Which makes it harder to do a comeback and carry your whole team in the late game. So for that I will need a good support who knows what his doing and know how to peel for me. And also has a good understanding of the game (macro wise). Like warding, clearing wards and playing around objectives. My playstyle; I play passive/aggressive. In other words. I play passive and wait for a good moment to trade, all-in, follow up on engages etc. I try not to take to much risks. and focus on farming and taking objectives instead of focusing on kills. When im fed I can focus on objectives and kills. But when im not that ahead of the enemy team. I feel like I need to play around my team and support and go for objectives. So if your someone who understands my playstyle and mabye can even improve my playstyle. Because of course my playstyle doesn't always fit in this meta or during some situations. So im always seeking to improve and looking for mistakes I did. My champs; I mostly play champs that are the best in the current meta. My comfortable picks are passive-aggressive adc, such as Ezreal, Jhin, Trist (trist is quit bad right now so I don't really play her anymore). I also like to play Kai'sa, Jinx and Vayne. there is probably more adc. But for now this are my most comfortable picks. Add me ingame if your interested. I don't respond there Hikaru Akio PS : I don't boost people, I dont like to fool around. So don't add me if your NOT interested in climbing to diamond or higher this season.

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