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Hello there ! If you're a new player, or a low elo (iron/bronze/silver) honestly trying to improve, then I have some great news for you ! Welcome to Merry Gang! If you are tired of grinding in bronze with all the toxic people, or just started and see only smurfs destroying your games - this server is for you! Helpers with experience to help you improve, moderators to ensure your comfortable stay here, all the latest news from the esport arena and the league itself. And last, but not least, the community itself that will keep you on your toes and will not let you play alone. Buckle up, cuz you are in for a ride! The community have the following objectives : * Being a cozy and safe place to play league of legends * You can find other players of the same level at you to play with. No more flaming * It's more fun to learn and improve while playing with buddies * Our helpers (some are plats) are more than willing to give players time to explain the game for you (items, champions, the map) and anything you wish/need (game reviews, champion advices, etc...). This is meant to be a small and non toxic server for new players and low elo ones (iron/bronze/silver). Please, if you're toxic, a smurf or have a rank of gold or more. No need to join and bother other people. Here is the discord link to join : [Invite Link]( Welcome to our community {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}

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