Hello, my name is richard albert, I'm brazilian and passionate about the game. I have 17 years, I play for 4 years and I have experience in go4lol on the Brazilian server. I have 2 master accounts in Brazil, and I am playing on the EUW server for 2 months, I have a lot of solo games because I have free time, my studies only start in September and because of that I am 100% free for training, meetings and duo queue. I've been support (I've got a master account) and I'm very knowledgeable about bot lane because of that. my current link on the server US is d3, this account was gold 4 so I went up to where it gave, because of the bug, I get 9 lp and I lose 29, so even being smurf gets complicated hahah. Please give me an opportunity to show you what I can do and love to do. Other ADcarrys may appear like me, but not with the dedication and desire to be greater. I'm studying English, really it's not good, I do not know how to speak because of the accent, but I understand inside the game and communicate in my soloq through chat and ping. In time and with your help I will be better. I do streams too. twitch.tv/t1kmonkey WORTH !! Nickname - Brazilian ADC
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