Esports Competition Organizer looking for a broadcaster/streamer!

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Hey there, We at Square One (SQ1) are dedicated to bring grassroots LoL competitions to a higher level and aim to provide a platform for upcoming talented players and teams to compete and improve. For our broadcast, we are looking for an extra broadcaster, what does that role entail? As a broadcaster you are the one that spectates and streams the matches (2 games on Monday and 2 games on Tuesday, sharing time with the other streamers). We already have all the stuff that you need so you won't have to make overlays or anything. We use OBS for streaming and use Discord for the casting. If you have no experience in streaming but want to try it out, feel free to contact me and i'm sure we can work something out! If you are interested, DM me on discord PixelTrooper#8382 or reply to this thread. Kind Regards, Pixel from SQ1

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