[EUW] [Serious D2+ Team] Looking For D3+ Jungler

Title. We're serious players with good synergy that work hard to improve as a team, and we're only missing out on a jungler. We play 3-4 times per week during the evening. 50/50 on tournaments and scrims. We want to be the best team we can be and develop great teamwork to dominate every tournament we possibly can. Requirements for tryouts are as follows: * Have a positive attitude. * Be highly motivated to improve your individual gameplay, and yourself as a team player. * Don't be discouraged from working on your weaknesses or going out of your comfort zone. * Have a diverse champion pool (no 1-tricks). * Be vocal. Communication is key when working as a team and having a highly communicative jungler who discusses his pathing and is not afraid to shotcall his laners early on in the game is ideal. Interested? Add on League: Laning machine

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