Team "In Effect" looking for DIA V+ JUNGLER

In Effect - Team | ESL Play
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We are a team consisting of players in low diamond with peaks of high diamond before and recently rebuilt the team around our core roster of 3 players knowing each other for a few years now. Our goal is to build up a great team again and we want to go as high as we can in the semi-pro scene, growing and improving as a team with the aim of winning tournaments like Go4LoL in the end. We usually play around 3-4 times a week, practicing in scrims and FlexQ during the week and then playing tournaments or Clash, when it will be released, at the weekend. Right now we are looking for a JUNGLER matching our goals with being at least DIAMOND V in SoloQ and preferably, but not necessarily DIAMOND V+ in FlexQ, eager to play on a regular basis and being able to commit for a team for the longer-term. We expect a decent level of mechanics, having a good amount of communication able to shotcall in the early game , knowing how to play macro oriented and how to work as a team. Though, most importantly, you should have an ambitious and mature mindset willing to improve, knowing how to take losses and being able to take criticism in a constructive way. We as a team offer a friendly and competitive environment with players, who are very experienced in working on a team, aiming to build up a team that stays with a coach once the roster is complete. For organizing or theorycrafting team-related aspects, we have a Discord server aswell as a Google sheet, where everybody works collaboratively. If you are interested by now feel free to message me on League with informations about you, why you want to join the team and and then we can arrange dates for the scrim games. My summoner name is "XDemi"

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