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My name is Danny ''Crunchy" Vlug. I am from the Netherlands. I am a Master Tier player in League of Legends and i main the Support role. Via this way i wanna announce that im Looking For Team. Here is some info about my experience as a player + some additional info about myself. Experience : 1 year of competitive game play in the Benelux. I´ve been part of the top competitions there called ESL and BeneluxPremierLeague. After my experience in the Benelux i had a short periode in a Turkish team to prep myself for a journey towards Portugal. I've played in the lplol open split and was active in a local cup called DreamCupPortugal with as highlight a top 4 spot at DeamHack Sevilla 2019. What kinda player am i : Im a very adaptable player that can play multiple styles ( aggresive , supportive , roaming ). I also have some experience as 2nd shotcaller. I'm a guy that always stays calm in high pressure situation and always makes sure the team is sharp at all times. Other then that i have a large champpool and can adapt very easily to the meta. I always give 200% and im always looking to improve myself or the team in the best way possible. I am the guy that watches lcs all across the world in his spare time ( to be up to date of what is being played ) and what is changing on the rift itself. Why should u pick me : I am a guy that really can make a difference. Not only in game but also outside the game. I have a strong personality, but also know when to have fun and joke around. I have a winning mindset and will do anything to get it. I have a untiltable mental and i think i can really proces that towards other players around me. I can pretty much play 24/7 i have a awesomly flexible schedule. Former teams : * Team Arcade ( Benelux ) * Hooligans Espor ( Turkey ) * Karma Clan ( Portugal ) I am able to relocate. And i´m open to offers in all regions. Contact info : Discord : Crunchy#0794 Twitter : Email : Thanks for your time. And hope to hear from you soon. Kind Regards. Danny aka KRM Crunchy

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