Looking for a main adc/suuport to train with

Hey, Im Enorize and im boosted (Just love saying that), so im looking for some decent player that can help me train with him to improve each other, Im not that good either, just decent, I would love if it's someone who main both adc/support, or someone who main adc role ( Ya I know it's weak role now but not a dead one). My champion pool: Mastery 7: Thresh Nami Zyra Lulu Janna Karma Soraka Morgana Mastery 6: Leona Rakan Braum Lux Caitlyn Jhin Jinx Vayne Xayah Miss Fortune Tristana The rest of champions are mastery 4-5. I'm still unranked, because I hesitate playing there since as support it's hard for me yet, I train a lot in unranked and im trying to otp thresh ^_^ Best regards, Enorize boosted af!
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