Looking for players to participate in Aram tournaments

Hey I'm thinking about starting to participate in some ARAM tournaments as they are not only a pretty fun and chill game mode, but the rp prizes are very enticing for me and as they are very frequently hosted gives us more chances to be successful. ( I could be a free agent but they are less coordinated and tough to be very successful ) Requirements are not much But I expect you to : - Be Plat 4 + in soloQ - An active player online almost every day - Willing to join a discord for voice communications - Be competitive and serious about winning the game! Yes we want to have fun but it's still a tournament where winning is the first priority. Not only is this an opportunity to win some RP but it's also a chance to have some fun and hopefully make some new friends. I'm not going to limit the amount of players that can join the team as people may not be available at the time and therefore with more people than the required amount we will almost always have a substitute to participate in the tournament. If you are interested either post a reply here or you can add me on league my IGN being : CinnimonBun

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