EUW Amateur League (Dia+) Looking for Admins!

SQ1 Recruitment Form
By filling in this form you let us know that you are interested in helping us out with our projects. We will review your application and get back to you. The next step in the recruitment process is an interview conducted through a call on Discord.
Hey everyone, We are Square One. We currently host our SQ1: Champions League, one of the top amateur leagues in Europe. Our league consists of 12 teams and runs over 14 weeks with a €500 prizepool. Running such a competition is a bit of work and we are very fortunate to have a good team of volunteers helping us out atm. To further strengthen this team, we are looking for someone to fill the admin position. As admin your main responsibility is handling league operations. This means managing game lobbies, handling roster changes, roster locks etc. The admin team will also be the first point of contact when someone has a question. This is done through our Contact Admins BOT which makes it easy for admins to see all the incoming questions and answer them accordingly. Besides those responsibilities you will also be responsible for moderating the discord. If you are interested in helping out then fill out the form! Kind Regards, Pixel from SQ1

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