[Club] [Neeko] [EUW] -----> EUW Club for Neeko's mains/OTP's !

_**Hello all Summoners ! **_ {{champion:518}} Today I want to tell you all about us and invite you to our club. We are Neeko's main/OTP's from EUW. We all are different rank. Friendly, experienced players. We all want to invite you to our club if you're thinking of becoming Neeko player. That doesn't mean if you're not going to play her you're going to get kicked. We are willing to share builds, tips and tricks, strats, combos etc. And this information can be easily reached in our club. If you have any questions you can ask. If you're interested in joining club make sure to add me (IGN bellow). _**IGN : Neeko Mıd**_ _**THERE ARE NO SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS NEEDED SUCH AS RANK ETC ! ! !**_ Our Club statistics/information : Members: 34; Pending: 2; Club name: "Neeko maıns #1"; Club tag: "ŃEEK0"; Club Owner: "Neeko Mıd" Club Officer: "Asian RAT" Region : EUW _**Have a nice day and see you in the rift !**_ {{champion:518}}

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