Looking to begin team (Devils Cartel)

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_**Greetings Summoners,**_ We are looking for people who want to join a team and potentially progress, we are not gonna sit here and say we are the best, we are not gonna sit here and say that we will win every game. All we are looking for is maybe to get a team started, maybe even a little community. Even if you just want to be somewhere that has people of like mindedness then come give us a look. **Little more about me :)** I have been playing LoL for far too long and feel that now maybe a good time to see if progression is on the cards. I have played previously in a team, but because of personal issues i had to stop playing for a while. I mainly play ADC but i am adapatble, so in that sense i am looking for a full team The teams name: _**Devils Cartel.**_ If you are interested then join discord or give me a shout ingame. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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