that ranked system....

Im not gonna talk too much, just a game where i destroyed all my opponents with score 32/5/9. I had the biggest dmg and also i was the tankiest in the game. But ofcourse my silver4 team did nothing all game, litereally i had to carry them all and shove their fat ass. as you see no1 had the dmg i dealt, i was full build before 30th minute and got a crazy killing spree but yet i lost. Simply because our jungler let Master Yi steal 2 barons and an elder drake. SO HOW COME I LOSE LP CUZ OF THESE MONKEY BRAINS? WHAT SHOULD I DO TO CLIMB THAT LADDER, TO BE ABLE TO PLAY 1V9 AND END IN 5MINUTES OR WHAT? I suggest you guys to create a whole new ranked system which wont take your LP cuz of 4 troll guys, or cuz of that kid who has yasuo's syndrome.
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