Bronze/Silver duo mate to rank with (IST 10PM to 7AM / 4:30PM to 1:30AM GMT).

I main mid lane and top lane, and can do jungle. Mains - Top lane - Jax, Amumu, Darius. MId lane - Katarina. Jungle - Warwick, Amumu. I am currently in bronze. I hardly ever lose lane and am an objective oriented player. My highest rank has been Gold IV back when I used to play on Garena, and am looking for friends to duo with as the S9 matchmaking has been dogshit so far. No offense and no kidding. I am not worried about what your rank is as long as you're good at getting fed and carrying matches together. Add me on LoL as my player name is Blackfin97 and I usually play between 4:30PM to 1:30AM GMT. Can use voice chat. Be looking forward to some good duo mates (no homo). {{sticker:poppy-wink}}

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