Long time Mid/Jungler looking for a serious 5v5 team that's active and consistent

Hi lol community! My name is Casp and i am looking for a serious 5v5 team that plays everyday / nearly every other day to climb and play in tournaments. I have communications + working mic. Easy going but very competitive and not looking for a team to just dik around. I am looking for serious players to join with me and potentially go for pro. I am tired of useless teams playing champions and roles they don't actually play. so adc's playing top because they feel like it. Also i don't want a team with people who are quiet and got crap English speaking skills. I want confident players who are actively telling adc/support or jungler what they're doing, what spells they got on rotation etc etc. People who are quiet and just play in 5v5 not talking .... you may as well be in soloQ that's not what 5v5 is about. I don't care about soloQ i just want a solid team that's serious about winning, talking about what we did wrong and what we can do to improve our games. i obviously play league because i enjoy it but i am 24. I want to play it seriously and i don't have time for kids who say they're serious and then miss 4 or 5 games. Please add me if youre feeling the same way and want to form a proper team that's serious about playing league! what i require is people with no lives... essentially you need to be playing every single day and only offline for weekends etc or serious things like your mates 21st birthday party , ( you get the jist XD ) so... yeah please add me i am a jungler/mid main gold 5 , not hardstuck just not interested in soloQ anymore, my peak has been diamond 4 on another account but im tired of this climb id rather do it with others in 5v5 and do tournaments. in game name : Tupez add me if you wanna discuss it more

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