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šŸ“¢ LFT Announcement! šŸ“¢ We are building a new roster for the 2020 Spring Split and are looking for Players! LoL Prime League 2nd Division šŸ‡©šŸ‡Ŗ Requirements: - Commitment - Diamand 1+ (S9) - Looking to improve - Open-minded - DACH region residential beneficial What we can offer: - Career Opportunities ā€¢ Competitive League ā€¢ Paid Position ā€¢ Reach and Attention - Professional Staff ā€¢ Coach ā€¢ Analyst ā€¢ Manager **Please spread the word!** Contact: LoL: Relic Bolter Discord: Bolter#6920 E-Mail: info@relicesports.com Website: RelicEsports.com

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