EUW - Searching for people to start a discord community :)

First of all: Discord is a free program, that anyone can download it and install it easily [here]( Yo, I currently have a discord group with 45 or so people, where we usually schedule games against another teams and stuff like that, sometimes we even play against each other, but thats basically all we have been doing for now: play the game. I want more. Last days i just noticed that we arent just playing together, but also becoming friends slowly. So, instead of just being a "scrim group" i decided to try to upgrade it to a small community instead. My goals with this community: -A friendly community. We dont care if you are challenger or iron 4 -A free place with no rules except one: RESPECT! (and maybe not hard spamming too XD) Im not the kind of people that dictates stupid rules and likes to play with the mute and the kick button. I just dont care about all that "MOD" shitstuff. To me, things are simple: You can do whatever you want, except if u are annoying someone. All the punishments will be decided by my honest judgement, based only in pure common sense. -Not MY community. OUR COMMUNITY! You have an interesting idea for our group? Talk to me and i will do it. I will ALWAYS accept suggestions, and i intend to make changes frequently. I want to create a comfortable place for everyone. -For players, and for not-totally-players-at-all. Interact in the way u prefer. Playing with people, chatting in text channels, chatting in voice channels, or even just sending memes. -And more! Interested? here is the discord link: When you join, the group will probably still only a simple scrim group, with not too much stuff, but i intend to change this in next days!
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