LF gold+ support main for flex 5v5

A new team has been created to start playing 5v5 and potentially onto tournaments once we get synergism together. Requirements: You need to be 18+ mic+ comms 6+ hours a day free. good variety of champions A serious attitude about playing 5v5 and are willing to play seriously when we do play 5v5. A few extra things to add in: you must speak fleunt english and be confident when speaking on the mic, if youre that guy that says 1 or 2 words every 15 minutes then we are not interested no matter how good you are in soloQ or the game. That also means taking initiative to move from your lane, look at the map be confident to make the shotcalls as well. We don't need sheep in the team... we want leaders who wanna take this seriously. We need a player that's willing to play long hours/grind alot of games. Have a lot of time and a wide variety of champions to pick from but ultimately you must main 3 champions. Please add me in-game if you're interested. We don't flame but i will get angry on the mic if people are just playing to have a laugh/troll have fun? thats fine its a game i appreciate that but i only have fun when i am playing intense matches with serious strategy (#winning). So please bare this in mind before applying if youre weak minded and cant handle the intesity of playing matches seriously then please dont add me. Other than that the teams really nice, lovely, friendly always online to play different game modes! just not in 5v5 =) in 5v5 thats when shi gets real. Look forward to hearing from you guys IGN: Tupez

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