SSE looking for Swedish Coach

Hey there! My name is Stijn, aka Borieko. I'm the manager of Shadow Stalkers eSports (SSE in short). We are a Multi-gaming organisation with teams in CSGO, RL and League of Legends. A while ago we played in the SEL Division 1, after a board meeting we decided to move over to the BPL. After that we decided to move back again to the Nordics and try to conquer the SEL. Our line-up consists of 5 dedicated, hard working and talented players who are all from Sweden. This makes the communication easier. This is also the reason why we are currently looking for a experienced coach to help our players improve. **What we are looking for and what we expect:** **-** Fluent Swedish and English. **-** Experience in eSports scene in a team as coach/player. **-** Motivated and a positive attitude. **-** Willing to work hard and improve. **-**Available 3/4 evenings each week. **What can you expect from us?:** **-**5 skilled and talented players + substitudes. **-** A motivated and hard working staff team. **-** Merchandise (Jersey etc.) **-** Travelling Costs for LANS/Offline Tournaments paid. **-** Experience in a semi-professional team. **-** Space to learn and develop yourself as a coach and personality. **-** A lot of fun ofcource ;^) If you're interested make sure to add me on Discord: Borieko#3153 or add me ingame: Borieko Thanks for reading this and I hope to hear from you! Kind Regards, Stijn 'Borieko' {{sticker:galio-happy}}
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