EUW D4 ADC Main looking for committed and regular team to play with (Scrims/tourneys/flex) P2+ Pref

Hey I'm currently a D4 ADC Main and i'm looking for a committed team that plays regularly at least 2-3 times per week preferably around 4pm gmt onwards during weekdays, weekends I don't mind what time. The team must participate in either scrims/flex to begin with at least and eventually look to participate in tournaments when the team feels ready and well prepared. I also expect a non toxic environment where players are focused on improving rather than blaming the game or something being too strong. I will be able to provide - A consistent timetable - Well rounded champion pool - Willingness to learn new champions if necessary - Able to receive as well as provide feedback/constructive criticism I'm not perfect there are things I can improve on such as, My communication during teams has been commented on where I may not speak an outstanding amount however I always do my best to communicate everything that is at least required and necessary. (As an ADC I've found it difficult to figure out what I should be communicating where i'm not calling shots or making big moves rather than what we can be doing during the laning phase) but I am hoping to improve my communication skills as well as other skills as my experience improves in a competitive team. I have played in teams before around P4-D4 level not too many tournaments quite a few scrims but had decided to leave the team due to lack of structure and consistency with the timetable causing a very unpleasant environment to play in If you are interested in picking me up: Add me in game : CinnimonBun or you could add me on discord : CinnimonBun#1998

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