Looking for a Jungler Gold-Plat players for an already established team!

Hey guys, My team and I are back playing league after we stopped last season after we realised that there is a new event called 'Clash' and participating in ranked flex, competitive leagues, etc and we're looking for a jungler that can fit to our playstyle for tomorrow's event if possible, however, they must have discord in order to communicate with us. We don't want a serious player who is here just to play "seriously" all the time; we want someone who wants to be our friend and can have a disccusion with, we joke around a lot and play when serious but we're all close friends who are goofy and wanna have fun. Most of us are Platinum players who are now gold/plat (Sugary is Plat 2, Scrub Plat 3, Mjurel Plat 2) and know our roles in the team, and hopefully with new additions we can migrate new play styles as well. Add me on league: Usifz YOU MUST HAVE DISCORD
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