Star Guardian In-Game RP! ( Non-Competitive. )

Star Guardian In-Game Roleplay! Looking to make a late-night / weekend Star Guardian In-Game RP team! Please note none of this will be Ranked. Rules: (Bare with me it'll be over quickly.) 1. Don't be toxic. Please. These aren't extremely serious games, just something fun to do. 2. Don't break character. Keep us in RP as long as you can. Immersion is good. Even if it goes from "pls ward bush" to "Hey, Jinx? Eyes on the brush!" 3. PLEASE use good grammar. Ahri: "Ezreal, please stop talking like you're texting. Seriously, getting annoying." Ezreal: "lol k fite me" But seriously, just try to avoid being really... like that. 4. Please have an SG skin. Or at least get one soon, ( Pajama Guardians Excluded. ) if you have it in loot, tell us and we'll help you earn some chests. c: 5. We don't care about off-meta. Ahri: "I'll be in the jungle if you need me." Lux: "How does this... Rapidfire Cannon work...?" Lulu: "Miiiiiiiid~" Open Positions: Ahri: Lux: Poppy: Janna: AFK Yuumi Main Lulu: Jinx: Syndra: Miss Fortune: Ezreal: Soraka: ______ This will be mainly late night in the weekends!
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