[TEAM RECRUITMENT] iRushG looking for a midlaner, support and an adc

A freshly started team with two enthusiastic players for now looking for semi-commited players. Requirements: Voice chat is necessary (discord) Good mic At least be high silver or above. We are currently Gold 1 and Silver 3. Be able to play games on short notice, and be able to play during the week. Must be 16+ (15 could be accepted) Prefer people with a good english vocabulary and pronounciation Should be dedicated to the game, to some level No toxicity, and must be able to take and give criticism Looking for a midlaner who can play all sort of champions dedicated to the midlane, including for example tanks like Galio, mages like brand etc. Looking for a support who can play most support champions, and doesn't stick to one of the classes, like tank or harass/mage. Looking for an adc who can vary his playstyle and adept the gameplay into what would be suitable. Add me on discord or league of legends for any further notice, also leave your interest at the comment section. Discord: SpiritGuy#2586 EUW: SpiritGuy Also, add the second player on the team on EUW: iR Skittles
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