OIdFart (EUNE)
: Asking to quit INTING and AFKING on perp also FLAME?, just a question to community!
everything you say is a flame, these words are exception tho: gj, wp, u2, ty, np, y, n1, nt, gg
Altiverse (EUNE)
: I'm too flattered https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/f/fd/Oops_Emote.png/revision/latest?cb=20171221064702
wp buddy u make us eune players proud
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: People have SERIOUS double standards with this new rework.
Legit Evelynn line: *buys void staff* "think of all the places this can go" "imagine what we can do with this... It's so BIG..." It's a video game after all and It's so unnecessary to have these stupid cheesy lines. If you stupid teens with testosterone filled %%%%s wanna hear a %%%%% talk dirty go watch some god damn porn jesus!! I hate this rework so much!!!!!
: what is the name of that prodigy girl?
her name is Kitsùne, and there are 2 more egirls in (relatively) high elo, Misaka and ScarIet. Kitsùne and ScarIet are challenger and Misaka is master but she was chall not long ago
Smittles (EUW)
: Top Lane - What's Going On?
im challenger riven otp top main and top lane sucks, has 0 influence and tbh i dont see the point in playing it myself anymore. most of my chall friends just gave up and started playing support and tank junglers. its much less effort, much more game influence, much more wins... top just sucks right now and riven is not the best champion right now so yeah. i will quit my role too and just play sona soraka janna support and rammus jungle.. and on eune rank 6 challenger is a girl who spams ardent supports so that should tell u everything
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: Hey Your comment legit inspired me to reform (im also riven main) But anyways it was a ranked game and my last game to promo that was why i was toxic, ive made a riven otp acc and hope to become good with her (i know all cancels) anyway ty for your comment
Np, good luck on the rift
: Permabanned
Lol I didn't even need to read the whole chat log first few rows were enough. As someone who had been perma banned 5 times and who is now reformed and Challenger, I can tell you that the ban is deserved. I learnt to be more positive and just play game without using chat too much unless It's important to shotcall or make a strategy and people (or players if you will) like you are game ruiners. Also, flaming someone for performing bad in their OTHER games is completely %%%%%%ed. One can go 0/10 one game and 10/0 next one so It doesn't matter and you should forget about past games and only focus on current one. I hope you reform like I did:) EDIT: Also you should read riots banning system policy. Players can make 4 offenses and it serves them a suiting punishment. 1st offense: 10 game chat restriction 2nd offense: 25 game chat res 3rd offense: 2 week ban 4th offense: permaban On my previous account I got 2 week ban and when it got unbanned, I got it perma banned the same day with only one game, I threatened to int (Riven main, so typical xD) and I legit only said I will int and BAM. Anyways try to reform and don't be that annoying guy that starts trash talking as soon as game starts like when u asked is it 5 premade, Im assuming that was a normal game and Idk why would you even be toxic in a NORMAL lol.
Teckie16 (EUW)
: If the LP is the same, the person with the highest amount of wins will go first. If also the same wins, the one with the highest winrate will go first. If also that's the same, well, I don't know what factor is beiing taken. Hope it was usefull to you {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
: Toxic rioters and their way to "improve" the community
Riot main audience is edgy teens so they don't care about anything else other than making a "POPULAR HIGH SCHOOL BULLY GIRL, REGINA GEORGE" Ahri skin and it's a toxic skin :)
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ModMayhem (EUW)
: i can see ur a riven main...
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xFrosten (EUW)
: GG easy? A truly disgusting way of ending a game
lmfao seriously? is this pre school baby time? i just /mute all almost every game and problem solved , no ragers, no flamers, no toxic people , no spammers, no foreign languages, no bming, nothing. and u dont get distracted
marcus85 (EUW)
: Getting banned for abusive behaviour (but not really)
riot sysem is legit broken dude... after i just got unbanned from 2 week ban, i played one game and got perma banned, because i was losing lane and team started harassing me so i said 'stop flaming me or i int' and got ban lol idc tho cuz i have many more accounts but damn... be very careful after 2 week ban expires because riot will perma ban you for the smallest thing... trust me.. u will be surprised..better dont type anything in chat after your 2 week is over and keep it that way for like 3 months before offense sysem resets
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: What is the most important lessons you’ve learned in life?


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